How does Wavity convert homegrown apps?

We use a drag-and-drop Zero Code Application Builder and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) for automating workflows. with these technologies users without techskills can build applications.

What is a Wavity Application?

An Application is a standalone module which can be used by end users.

What is a Wavity Solution?

A Wavity Solution consists of one or more Applications and Platform Capabilities that are combined to support a unique business process.

What is a Wavity Warehouse?

Wavity’s Warehouse consists of pre-built solutions which can be used as-is or modified by non-technical users (such as Business Analysts) using our drag-and-drop Application Designer.

What is the Wavity Platform?

The Wavity Platform consists of Applications, Solutions, Warehouse, Application Designer, Collaboration and Integration Capabilities and Analytics.

How come I do not need to develop a Mobile App?

Wavity was designed to automatically generate the code for a Mobile App when the Web App is built. so thenes need to develop a separate Mobile App.

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