How to login with Wavity Mobile App in IOS

  • ‘Wavity’ Mobile App is available to be downloaded from IOS.
  • To download Wavity App, Search for Wavity in the IOS store as shown below. Click on Install.
  • Click on “Open” once installation of Wavity App in your mobile is complete.
  • To Sign In to Wavity App, Please mention the tenant name. (You can get the tenant name by contacting Wavity Support team). Tenant name is generally your company/organization name.
  • In the dropdown list, please select as shown below. Click on “Next”
  • Please enter your email id and password to “Sign In” to your Wavity account as shown below. Please check all details such as the host name and user name before signing in to Wavity.
  • Click on Solutions to access all features of your dashboard in Wavity mobile App.