How can an agent assign an asset to user?

  • Click on “Processing Request” for agent to view all the pending asset requests assigned to him/her.
  • Click on ‘Blue Icon’ to view/edit the details.
  • Asset Request number and requester (user) information will be auto generated. In the Request control, Click the link as shown below.
  • Here, Agent can view all the details of asset request and whether the Manager has approved the asset request.
  • In the Asset control, Click the below link as shown below to view all the available assets in the inventory which matches with the request.
  • Select the Asset (As shown below) which matches with the Asset request.
  • Click on ‘Yes’ if the Asset is available and matches with the request. You can select the status as closed. Turn the “Assign Asset” toggle on to assign this asset to the requester. Requester (User) will be notified through email.