How to import the assets through spreadsheets?

  • Agent can add multiple assets in the inventory using spreadsheets or excel sheets through Import function. Click on “Inventory” in Agent Dashboard.
  • As the first step, you will need to export the template to excel sheet. To Export the template, please refer the following link: Export/Import Functions – Wavity
  • Click on ‘Create’ button on right corner. Select ‘from excel’ to import data from Excel sheets. Please refer below image.
  • Click on the file from your platform to be uploaded (Imported) into the application. If data is successfully completed, you will receive a message in the platform as below.
  • If the file imported is incorrect. Then, you will receive a notification ‘Records import failed’. Ensure the following conditions to avoid failure of imported file; 1) Ensure all the data and templates is matching with the application selected, 2) Ensure all the required fields are filled in correct formats, 3) Ensure the all the column data matches with the template column, 4) Ensure that the first-row data matches with the first row of Template sheet.