How to request an Asset?

  • Click on “Asset Request” from the User dashboard.
  • In quick link “Asset Request” the user can create a request for an asset with all the details and submit it.
  • User can mention the type of asset which is required. Category can be mentioned whether it is Hardware or Software category. Sub-Category will contain the value based on Category that user has selected.
  • Subject is a required field where the user can mention the subject name.
  • In Description text box, User can mention in detail the configuration of the Asset requested. User can attach pictures, link or videos in the description box.
  • After filling in all the details, User shall click on “Save” button to create the request.
  • After submission of Asset Request, Email Notification will be sent to the Assigned Manager of User for Approval.
  • Upon Manager’s approval, Agent will be assigned to work on Asset Request submitted by the User (Requester).