Calendar Integration

Note: Only admin can enable calendar integration.

You can link your Outlook and Google Calendar with Wavity, so that all your scheduled meetings, events, programs etc, can be checked here and also by default you will receive a notification based on the scheduled time before for every scheduled meeting.

Calendars keep track of changes to titles ,start dates, and due dates.

To do the calendar integration click on Profile > Integrations > Calendars.

Click on the enable Google/outlook calendars.

Click on the user icon and then go to my spaces and link the calendar .

Click on the check box next to the ‘Link to outlook calendar/Link to google calendar’

Enter the Instance Name for the calendar and click on ‘Save’.

The page will redirect to the selected calendar login page where the user needs to provide login credentials.

Accept all the permissions which are required and the calendars will be integrated to the platform.