How to Upload Users in Bulk

  • In Wavity ITSM solution, users refer to individuals or groups who interact with the system to request, access, or use IT services. These users can be categorized into various roles, such as end-users, customers, service desk agents, technicians, managers, and administrators.
  • Click on “General” under profile icon as shown in below image.
  • Under ‘Users’ tab, Click on “Add” as shown below to add new users.
  • Click on “Bulk upload” as shown below.
  • If you have many users whose details are in an Excel sheet, you can upload it by selecting a file or using Drag & Drop. Then click on Confirm button.
  • You can get ‘Sample-User-Bulk-Template’ by clicking on ‘Download bulk upload template’.
  • Add all the users’ required fields in the sheet and upload.
  • Click on “Confirm” button. Now, each user will get an invitation email to setup their Wavity account by creating a new password.