How to enable Email Integration

Note: Only admin/solution owner can enable email integration.

  • Wavity platform offers email integration functionality that enables the automatic generation of requests within the platform (based on configured conditions) after sending an integrated email.
  • To enable the email integration in Wavity, click on click on Profile > Integrations.
  • Under email section, you will be able to see all the emails and their status of integration. Click on “Create” button to create a new email integration.
  • Under name & description, you can mention the email integration name and any further details under description for reference.
  • Wavity supports direct email integration with Microsoft Office, You can select Microsoft under to integrate your Microsoft email account with Wavity.
  • You can also enable the type of integration required such as inbound or outbound.
  • Click on “Click to link your account” as shown below.
  • You will receive a pop up message as shown below. Click on “Accept” to complete the process of linking your Microsoft account with Wavity.
  • Wavity also supports integration with other email service providers.
  • To proceed further, Enter the required details for email server configuration like SMTP server name,SMTP port number, MAP server name, IMAP port, Email address and password that is needed to be integrated.
  • Click on create after entering all the information to complete the process.