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Hitachi Case Study

Hitachi Case Study – Quicker Swifter Issue Resolution With Wavity

  • Swifter Issue Resolution: Average resolution time reduced by 35%, from 48 hours to 31 hours, minimizing downtime and enhancing end-user satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Asset Utilization: Wavity’s asset management solution improved asset utilization by 25%, maximizing return on investments.
  • Increased Efficiency: IT service delivery efficiency increased by 30% through automation and a centralized approach, allowing IT staff to focus on critical tasks.
Elgi Ultra-Case-Study-Wavity

Elgi Ultra Case Study: Streamlining IT Operations And Boosting Business Performance

In the competitive landscape of manufacturing and industrial products, Elgi Ultra encountered numerous challenges before adopting Wavity’s ticketing solution. Their IT department grappled with an influx of hardware and software requests, resulting in miscommunication and difficulty in tracking and resolving issues

Qualfon Accelerated Their Speed To Market With New Applications: A Wavity Case Study

  • “With Wavity, we can deliver an application solution to our users within days or weeks, compared to the months or even years it would take with traditional development methods.” Sue Beatty, Business Analyst at Qualfon
  • Qualfon achieved a significant reduction in time-to-market new applications for their external users.
  • Move away from traditional inbox messages means efficient communication with internal and external users
 Amber Group IT Success with Wavity's Help Desk Software

Custom IT Solutions: Wavity delivers a Bespoke Path to IT Operational Success for Amber Group

  • Operational Transformation with Wavity: Amber Group significantly improved IT operations and customer service after integrating Wavity's help desk software.
  • Wavity's Unique Features and Benefits: Wavity's platform offers intuitive, customizable features that provided Amber Group with 100% visibility and response rate to tickets.
  • Immediate and Future Impact: Gurpreet Singh of Amber Group highly recommends Wavity for its transformative impact on IT management and sees potential in its future features.

V Bazaar Implements Wavity Help Desk To Streamline Communication Across Retail Chain Departments

  • Wavity ticketing system improved inter-departmental transparency and communication hence increasing sales
  • Centralized data system to update 90+ stores on 100,000+ SKUs = no missed sales opportunities
  • Now has the ability to listen to retail stores and respond to their needs in real-time with the Wavity help desk solution.

Data-Driven Growth: Schupan Achieves Improved Bottom-Line Performance With Wavity’s Automation And Reporting

  • Saved 800-900 hours annually in manual data entry thanks to automation
  • 100% accuracy due to enhanced version control and data accuracy
  • Remote data accessibility from around the world
  • At-a-glance data reporting