V Bazaar Implements Wavity Help Desk To Streamline Communication Across Retail Chain Departments


  • Wavity ticketing system improved inter-departmental transparency and communication, hence increasing sales.
  • Centralized data system to update 90+ stores on 100,000+ SKUs = no missed sales opportunities
  • Now has the ability to listen to retail stores and respond to their needs in real-time with the Wavity help desk solution.

Meet V Bazaar

Launched in 2016, V Bazaar is a retail company that sells garments and FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) products in rural areas of India with around 90 outlets. The company’s IT Manager, Saurabh Sehgal, who is responsible for all IT infrastructure, software, hardware, and networking, was facing challenges with email and phone communication between internal departments for raising and resolving issues. The company needed a solution that centralized data and improved transparency and communication between departments. After evaluating almost ten other help desk applications, V Bazaar decided to adopt Wavity’s ticketing system. The company has been using it to streamline communication and data across 16 departments.


Saurabh Sehgal said: “After evaluating many other help desk applications, we decided to go with Wavity. We went with them because of the well-designed, customizable, flexible capabilities and our own increased need for a robust customer support system. We are currently using the ticketing software for internal organization for the digital outlets and for retail purposes.”

V Bazaar Challenges:

Before adopting the Wavity help desk, V Bazaar relied on email and voice calls for communication between departments. This led to communication gaps and unresolved issues as there was no centralized data and transparency. As a result, many issues were left unattended, and this affected the morale of the employees and impacted sales. Additionally, there was no transparency, which meant that each department was working in isolation without knowing what was happening in other departments.

There are 16 departments in the company, and each of the 90 stores raised issues in various departments. However, with the adoption of the Wavity help desk, V Bazaar was able to overcome these challenges. The ticketing system helped centralize data and provided transparency, which enabled every person in each department to know about the issues raised. This helped improve communication between departments, and everyone was on the same page, which led to faster resolutions of issues.

Saurabh mentioned: “Before the use of help desks, we were working on our email. Emails and only on voice calls. We like Wavity because we can save the data; and have it centralized at one place, so that there will be no more communication gaps in our work.”

Business Impact:

The lack of a proper solution for communication and data was affecting the company’s morale. Sales were also impacted as stores did not have the right information when they needed it most. However, after adopting the Wavity help desk software, the company has saved a lot of time and can easily manage and add to the software with low-code and no-code solutions. The ticketing software is not just for a single department but for the entire organization, thus, V Bazaar is using it for sales, materializing, stock takes, buying, and more. It has helped them create tools for IT, and they can build on it to cater to their growing needs more efficiently.


Saurabh said: We looked at multiple applications and in total looked at 8-9 demos of different help desk software. I wanted to have some design ability, and Wavity allowed this, so we went ahead with it. Most of the other applications were only able to cater to IT and just that one department, whereas I wanted to build a seamless solution for all the 16 departments at V Bazaar.

Benefits Of Adopting Wavity Help Desk:

The main benefit of adopting the Wavity help desk is centralizing data at one place. This has helped V Bazaar to meet its main priorities, which are data and sales. Saurabh says that the help desk software by Wavity is value for money and easy to use, and the company is using it at 16 different levels. They can quickly and efficiently create documents to share with wider departments, and everyone is on the same page. They can even create predefined answers to frequently asked questions and manage operational situations.

With a centralized ticketing system, the company can store all data related to department and store issues and their resolutions in one place. This makes it easier for agents to access data quickly and efficiently, leading to faster resolution of retail issues.

With the software being easy to use, it has helped the company quickly onboard employees onto the platform.

Because V Bazaar is using the Wavity help desk at 16 different levels, this shows the software’s versatility in catering to different departments and needs. With the help of the software, the company can better manage its inventory and stock-taking processes, ensuring that the stores are always knowledgeable about stock levels, priority items, seasonal items and so forth. This has led to a smoother overall retail operation, with fewer hiccups and issues.

In conclusion, the Wavity help desk has helped V Bazaar streamline communication and data management across its 90 outlets, leading to improved customer satisfaction, better decision-making, and more efficient operations.

Results After Deploying Wavity Help Desk Solution:

Communication and Data Management: V Bazaar faced challenges in communication and data management before adopting the Wavity help desk. With the help of the ticketing system, the company has improved transparency and communication between departments, leading to better sales and more satisfied customers.

No missed Sales: Having a centralized data system has undoubtedly not only improved communication and transparency across departments, but it has also led to better sales fulfilments, no missed opportunities and more satisfied customers. It’s fantastic that V Bazaar can now create tools for IT and use the software for various departments.

Customization: Moreover, the ability to listen to retail stores and respond to their needs is a valuable aspect of the Wavity help desk solution. This allows V Bazaar to customize the software to meet their specific needs and improve their overall operations.

Overall, it’s clear that the Wavity help desk has helped V Bazaar to grow as a company by improving communication, data management, and customer satisfaction. It’s great to hear that the company is satisfied with the software and plans to build on it more to cater to its future needs. By using the software at multiple levels and continuing to build on it, V Bazaar is well-positioned to continue growing and satisfying its internal customers.