Qualfon Accelerated Their Speed To Market With New Applications: A Wavity Case Study

Key Takeaways:

  • Rapid Time-to-Market: Qualfon achieved a significant reduction in time-to-market new applications for their external users.
  • Ticketing: Move away from traditional inbox messages means efficient communication with internal and external users
  • Continuity in service: Unlike in-house solutions, Wavity provided Qualfon with dedicated support, ensuring continuity even when team members transitioned or left the organization.


Meet Qualfon:

Qualfon is a globally recognized leader in providing contact center services and back-office processing solutions, catering to the diverse needs of businesses across industries. With an unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding customer experiences, Qualfon has emerged as a trusted partner renowned for its customer-centric approach, technological prowess, and innovative solutions.

By operating a vast network of contact centers, Qualfon offers an extensive array of services including customer support, technical assistance, sales, lead generation and more. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and advanced analytics, Qualfon optimizes performance and ensures seamless customer interactions. Recognizing the significance of speed to market, Qualfon prioritizes agility and responsiveness, enabling rapid adaptation to evolving market demands and prompt delivery of solutions.

Client website: https://qualfon.com/

Company Problem:

Qualfon, a rapidly growing global organization with diverse teams and acquired businesses, faced challenges in managing ticketing requests and internal workflows. The reliance on email-based communication resulted in a cluttered inbox, difficulty in tracking requests, and lack of comprehensive reporting. Additionally, the transition to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic further emphasized the need for efficient communication and immediate assistance for employees.

Wavity Solution:

Qualfon’s Director of IT Applications, Christie Connel, and her team decided to implement Wavity to address their ticketing and workflow management needs. They chose Wavity for its ticketing and CRM capabilities, as well as its potential to streamline internal workflows creatively. The flexibility and security offered by Wavity were crucial in opening up their systems to external users in a secure manner.

Christie Connel explained, “We are using Wavity as a ticketing tool, primarily for its ticketing workflow features. We have implemented it for both internal and external use, as we needed a solution that could handle the diverse needs of our large global organization.”

Results after adopting Wavity ticketing, workflow and workforce management:

Since implementing Wavity, Qualfon experienced several positive outcomes:

Improved Efficiency and Tracking: By replacing email with a ticketing system, Qualfon was able to track the status of each request, obtain quick updates, and generate comprehensive reports. Sue Beatty, a Business Analyst at Qualfon, stated, “Wavity has enabled us to easily track and report on ticketing requests, providing greater efficiency and visibility compared to email-based communication.”

Streamlined Processes and Communication: Wavity proved beneficial in improving communication and streamlining processes between employees and their respective managers. Christie Connel highlighted, “Wavity has been helpful in addressing non-technical workflows and situations, enhancing communication and collaboration within our organization.”

Rapid Deployment and Speed to Market: Wavity’s low-code platform significantly reduced the time and effort required to deliver application solutions to their external clients. Sue Beatty mentioned, “With Wavity, we can deliver an application solution to our users within days or weeks.”

Continuity and Support: Unlike in-house solutions, Wavity provided Qualfon with dedicated support, ensuring continuity even when team members transitioned or left the organization. Christie Connel explained, “With Wavity, we have a dedicated support team that can assist us in transitioning the solution to another team member or even a new employee, ensuring continuity in our operations.”

The successful implementation of Wavity has addressed Qualfon’s ticketing and workflow management challenges, enabling them to efficiently handle requests, streamline processes, and enhance communication within their global contact center.

Overall, Qualfon’s adoption of Wavity has proven to be a valuable solution, offering a user-friendly interface, rapid deployment, and the flexibility to address their diverse needs.