Custom IT Solutions: Wavity delivers a Bespoke Path to IT Operational Success for Amber Group

Key Takeaways 

  • Operational Transformation with Wavity: Amber Group significantly improved IT operations and customer service after integrating Wavity's help desk software.
  • Wavity's Unique Features and Benefits: Wavity's platform offers intuitive, customizable features that provide Amber Group with 100% visibility and response rate to tickets.
  • Immediate and Future Impact: Gurpreet Singh of Amber Group highly recommends Wavity for its transformative impact on IT management and sees potential in its future features.

Meet Amber Group India Limited

Amber Enterprises India Ltd is a major player in India's HVAC industry. They are known for providing solutions in air conditioning. They have a strong presence in both complete air conditioning units and key components, with 27 manufacturing facilities across India. These facilities specialize in various product segments within the industry.

Amber Group India LTD Adopts Wavity Help Desk

Amber Group India Limited, a leader in air conditioning OEM and RAC components manufacturing, faced operational challenges in their IT department before integrating Wavity's help desk software. This case study delves into the transformative journey Amber Group undertook with Wavity, resulting in streamlined IT operations, improved customer service, and quantifiable business outcomes.

Gurpreet Singh, IT Manager of Amber Group India, said: "Wavity has not only resolved our operational challenges but also boosted company morale. Our colleagues are more empowered, knowing that IT-related issues will be addressed promptly."

Challenges Before Wavity:

Amber Group grappled with cumbersome manual processes, missed tickets, and prolonged response times. Calls and communication were managed through spreadsheets, phone calls, and WhatsApp, leading to inefficiencies, missed opportunities, and unsatisfied customers. Resolutions once taking over 48 hours were streamlined by Wavity to same-day solutions. Moreover, Wavity addressed missed opportunities by centralizing ticket tracking, enabling the reduction of

Why Wavity:

Amber Group opted for Wavity due to its intuitive interface and customizable features. Wavity's comprehensive AI-powered ticketing system, agent dashboard, and customization capabilities were aligned with Amber Group's IT operational needs, promising a tailored solution to their challenges.

Previously, an estimated average of 20 inquiries per month were inadvertently overlooked due to incomplete visibility across customer interactions, stemming from the diverse applications in use. However, Wavity's integration resulted in a complete eradication of missed opportunities, achieving an impeccable 100% visibility across all inquiries and a remarkable 100% response rate to tickets.

Immediate and Ongoing Impact:

Reduced Ticket Escalations: Within just two months of deploying Wavity's integrated help desk solution, Amber Group celebrated a remarkable 15% reduction in ticket escalation rates, signaling swifter issue resolution and heightened operational efficiency.

Heightened Responsiveness: The IT department experienced a significant drop in response times for queries, achieving an impressive 58% reduction in average resolution times. This translated directly to increased customer satisfaction and faster time-to-market for solutions.

Effortless Workflow: The seamless transition to Wavity brought about a notable 35% surge in same-day ticket closure rates. This streamlined approach not only fostered fluid communication and collaborative ticket management among team members but also contributed to quicker deployment of critical solutions.

Reinforced Accountability: The introduction of Wavity's real-time tracking feature resulted in a complete view of every customer ticket, from first-contact, all the way through to resolution. Additionally, this streamlined their operational IT output, were able to measure all elements, and improve on processes for future operational excellence. This mirrored the amplified levels of accountability and responsiveness achieved by Amber Group's IT department.

Gurpreet said: "We're excited to try Wavity's customer sentiment analysis feature, even though we haven't used it yet. It reflects Wavity's commitment to enhancing the customer experience."

Amber Group IT Success with Wavity's Help Desk Software

Unique Features and Benefits of Wavity Help Desk Software:

Amber Group highlighted specific benefits derived from Wavity's help desk software:

Tailored Customization: Gurpreet Singh stated, "Wavity's customization features allowed us to mold the platform to our exact needs. This extended to ticket creation, agent dashboard, and overall graphical design."

User-Friendly Interface: "Our team easily adopted Wavity's intuitive interface, leading to swift implementation and minimal training requirements," remarked Gurpreet Singh.

Effortless Follow-Up: "Regular follow-ups became effortless with Wavity, ensuring prompt ticket assignment and closure," Gurpreet Singh emphasized.

Elimination of Missed Calls: "Wavity's system eliminated the issue of missed calls, ensuring each query receives timely attention," Gurpreet Singh noted.


Gurpreet Singh wholeheartedly recommended Wavity to other organizations seeking to streamline IT operations and elevate customer service. "Wavity has revolutionized our IT management, resulting in full visibility and zero missed contacts." 


Amber Group India Limited's collaboration with Wavity brought about substantial improvements in IT operations and customer service, marked by reduced ticket escalation rates, enhanced responsiveness, and smoother workflow management. By embracing Wavity, Amber Group effectively addressed their operational challenges, achieving tangible 

benefits that underscore the platform's transformative impact.

Gurpreet said: "The customization options Wavity offers are outstanding. We've tailored the platform to fit our exact needs, from ticket creation to agent dashboards. It truly aligns with our workflow."