Data-Driven Growth: Schupan Achieves Improved Bottom-Line Performance With Wavity’s Automation And Reporting

Key Takeaways:  

  1. Saved 800-900 hours annually in manual data entry thanks to automation
  2. 100% accuracy due to enhanced version control and data accuracy
  3. Remote data accessibility from around the world
  4. At-a-glance data reporting

“We had several hundred columns of data we were tracking. The majority of this data was manual entry.

We were doing double and sometimes triple entry of data because of the multiple ways the data was being tracked.  The administrators had been doing it this way for so long they didn’t see a problem with it.  We determined this process was eating up a lot of time and creating a number of inefficiencies.  So that was the challenge.

We wondered, how do we minimise worker time in this process to get the data in a usable format and deliver a product that helps managers make quicker/better informed decisions”

    * John Roth: Business Intelligence Analyst at Schupan and Sons

Meet Schupan: Metals And Plastics Business

Schupan is a third-generation, family-owned metals and plastics business specializing in industrial and electronics recycling, asset management, fabrication and distribution, beverage container processing, sustainability services, and materials trading. The Michigan-based company faced challenges with data processing, accessibility, and reporting. Schupan’s beverage container processing unit needed a system that allowed automation of data collation, reporting features, and worldwide accessibility on a secure platform. Their previous system involved multiple spreadsheets and reports, making accessing and quick data analysis tricky.

Schupan also needed a solution for data reporting and faced many sharing issues due to the system’s antiquated nature. The company needed a web-based system that would automatically sync their data, produce visual reports using that data, and improve data accessibility for employees without being limited to the network. The primary goal was to automate the whole system for data handling and make data reporting and accessibility easier for internal members, which was impossible with the previous system.

IT Challenges:

Schupan’s beverage processing unit faced challenges managing large data volumes in Excel spreadsheets, resulting in time-consuming manual data entry, duplication, and increased error risks. Automation was urgently required to streamline operations by transforming spreadsheet formulas into visual reports. Furthermore, accessibility issues hindered employee access to the spreadsheets, while tracking changes and maintaining version control proved impossible.

With several hundred columns of data to input, the process was time-consuming and diverted employees from critical tasks. Data integrity became a significant concern due to the risk of accidental entry errors.

Wavity Solution:

Schupan’s beverage processing unit adopted Wavity, a cloud-based application development platform, to enhance its data reporting and accessibility. Collaborating with Wavity, they created a tailored application to automate data entry and enable seamless data access across the organization.

“We opted for Wavity due to its user-friendly interface and customization capabilities,” said Roth. “We could develop the required reports and make them accessible to all employees.”

The application featured an intuitive interface, enabling direct data input by employees. Through automatic data validation and error correction, the system eliminated manual entry and minimized the risk of errors. Data was stored in a centralized database, facilitating effortless access and efficient change tracking.

Wavity’s web-based system significantly reduced Schupan’s workload by automating data entry and minimizing human intervention. The company streamlined and accelerated the entire process, achieving greater efficiency. Impressed by Wavity’s robust security features and data flow capabilities, the solution aligned with their networking and security team’s requirements. Adopting Wavity resulted in substantial time savings, amounting to hundreds of hours while ensuring higher data integrity through cleaner data via complete automation.

Results After Wavity Implementation:

Implementing Wavity for its one business unit, Schupan reduced time spent on data entry by approximately 800-900 hours annually. This significant time-saver allowed employees to concentrate on other essential tasks. By automating the process, Schupan improved data integrity and reduced the possibility of accidental data entry errors. With fewer people handling the data, the chances of mishandling data decreased, leading to better reporting and analytics.

The centralized database also improved accessibility, with all employees accessing the same data in real time, allowing for faster decision-making and improved team communication. The system also allowed for real-time data sharing and collaboration, enabling faster and more informed decision-making. “Now that we have better access to data, we can make more informed decisions,” Roth stated.

The application provided Schupan:

  • A clear audit trail of all changes made to the data
  • Improved version control, ensuring data accuracy
  • Ease in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Avoidance of costly errors


Schupan’s beverage container recycling unit successfully adopted Wavity, which improved the company’s data reporting and accessibility. Schupan’s adoption of Wavity led to a more efficient and streamlined data reporting process, resulting in improved analytics and better business outcomes.

  • Saved 800-900 hours annually in data entry, which increased efficiency and productivity due to the automation of the data entry process
  • Improved data accessibility, leading to faster decision-making and improved communication
  • Enhanced version control and data accuracy, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and avoiding costly errors.

Schupan can now make more informed decisions and respond quickly to changing business needs. By leveraging the power of cloud-based application development platforms like Wavity, companies like Schupan can stay competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment.