Elgi Ultra Case Study: Streamlining IT Operations And Boosting Business Performance

Meet Elgi Ultra:

In the competitive landscape of manufacturing and industrial products, Elgi Ultra encountered numerous challenges before adopting Wavity’s ticketing solution. Their IT department grappled with an influx of hardware and software requests, resulting in miscommunication and difficulty in tracking and resolving issues. Traditional communication channels like phone calls and emails hindered visibility and effective ticket management, while the absence of a centralized system impeded response time tracking and vendor performance evaluation. This case study explores Elgi Ultra’s journey with Wavity, showcasing the transformative impact of the ticketing solution, as shared by Manoharan during our interview.

Challenges Faced By Elgi Ultra:

Elgi Ultra, a manufacturing company specializing in consumable goods and industrial products, faced several challenges prior to implementing Wavity’s ticketing solution. Their IT department received numerous hardware and software-related requests from internal users, leading to miscommunication and difficulties in tracking and resolving issues. Phone calls and emails were the primary means of communication, making it challenging to maintain visibility and effectively manage pending tickets. The lack of a centralized system hindered their ability to quantify response times and monitor the performance of their AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) vendors. The absence of documentation and a structured ticketing system resulted in delays, miscommunication, and a lack of accountability.

Business Impact:

The absence of an efficient ticketing system had a direct impact on Elgi Ultra’s business operations. Miscommunication between users and the IT department often led to incorrect issue reporting and subsequent delays in resolution. This resulted in potential loss of sales and compromised business productivity. The lack of visibility made it difficult to prioritize and address urgent issues promptly, negatively affecting customer satisfaction and overall service quality.

Manoharan said: “The main issue we faced was miscommunication. We lacked proper documentation, and users would simply call our technical guide and provide some information. However, when my technical team reached the site, we often realized that the problem was something completely different. But now, with the implementation of the ticketing system, everything is properly documented. Users can convey their requirements or issues to the IT department by writing them in the ticket, ensuring that nothing gets overlooked or misunderstood. It’s much easier now to bring the right tools and resources on time, thanks to the clarity provided by the ticketing system.”

Wavity Help Desk Service Benefits:

After implementing Wavity’s ticketing solution, Elgi Ultra experienced several benefits:

Enhanced Visibility: Wavity’s ticketing system provided clear visibility into the number of pending tickets, their status, and the time taken for resolution. This allowed the IT department to track and prioritize issues effectively, ensuring timely responses and resolutions.

Improved Communication and Documentation: Wavity’s ticketing system facilitated structured communication and documentation of user requests. Users could submit tickets detailing their hardware or software requirements, enabling the IT department to understand and address issues accurately. The availability of a centralized platform reduced miscommunication and ensured that all relevant information was recorded for future reference.

Quantifiable Metrics: With Wavity, Elgi Ultra gained the ability to measure and quantify important metrics such as response time. They managed to ensure all tickets were resolved within 24 hours, whereas before, it could take up to a week. This allowed them to set benchmarks, monitor their performance, and identify areas for improvement. They could now track the time taken to resolve specific issues and evaluate the performance of their AMC vendors effectively.

Manoharan said: “Now I have crystal-clear visibility into the number of tickets received from our end users, the percentage of tickets resolved within 24 hours, and the remaining pending tickets. This level of transparency is invaluable as it allows us to effectively track our system’s performance and proactively enhance the quality of our service. It has revolutionized my perspective and empowered me to drive continuous improvement in our service delivery.”

Results For Elgi Ultra – Help Desk Ticketing With Wavity:

The implementation of Wavity’s ticketing solution yielded significant results for Elgi Ultra:

Improved Business Productivity: With a streamlined ticketing system, Elgi Ultra could promptly address issues reported by end users, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations. This improved their overall IT productivity by 15% since implementation.

Manoharan said: “So, we can confidently say that prior to implementing this solution, we were grappling with day-to-day issues that would often take us one or two weeks to resolve. However, now, thanks to the tracking system, we are able to swiftly address and overcome these challenges within a single day. The system provides us with valuable insights on the specific software or code, as well as the corresponding files involved, enabling us to promptly gather all the necessary resources when visiting the end user. This has tremendously improved our efficiency and, as a result, my agents’ overall productivity has soared.”

Enhanced User Satisfaction: The IT department’s ability to accurately track, respond to, and resolve user issues increased user satisfaction. Users appreciated the transparency and accountability provided by the ticketing system, resulting in improved relationships between users and the IT team.

Manoharan said: “Yeah, you see, in the past, if someone had an issue with their PC or if there was a problem with the monitor or power, they would have to wait some days. But now, they can simply raise a ticket stating the problem, and our team provides immediate support on a daily basis. We no longer have the kind of delay or disability where they just call and say there’s a problem without any proper documentation.”

Increased Efficiency: Wavity’s ticketing system significantly reduced the time and effort required to manage and track tickets. The automation of processes and the availability of a user-friendly platform empowered agents and improved their efficiency. Manual tracking was reduced from 30% to just 10%, allowing the IT team to focus on more critical tasks.

In conclusion, Wavity’s ticketing solution addressed the challenges faced by Elgi Ultra, resulting in improved visibility, streamlined communication, and enhanced efficiency. The implementation of the ticketing system positively impacted sales, business productivity, and user satisfaction. Elgi Ultra experienced significant benefits by leveraging Wavity’s user-friendly and cost-effective solution, enabling them to deliver high-quality IT services and improve overall business performance.