As your business grows, understanding how to scale customer support is vital. Your clients deserve the same level of care, whether you have a handful or thousands. But when it comes to customer service, scaling can seem like the enemy. How can you provide excellent support no matter how large your organization grows?

Let’s take a look at how to scale your customer support team, and some ways you can scale support without expanding your staff.

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Empower Support Staff

One of the best ways to scale support is by empowering your team. If they have the right training and tools, they can move mountains for your customers.

Make sure that your clients know who to contact for help. The Harvard Business Review reminds us:

“Your customer feedback is coming in through a variety of channels: phone calls to founders, emails to engineers, even the occasional text message. Designate a first official channel (probably a shared inbox and/or live chat) to get in touch with you.”

Make sure that those answering that support channel have the information they need, including the power to escalate service calls if needed. Give them the internal communication tools they need to share information and ensure satisfaction.

Create a Knowledge Base

As your company grows, work on creating a knowledge base for your clients. The better they can help themselves, the less your helpdesk will need to shoulder.

The Better Business Bureau says that a knowledge base is “an excellent way to scale your customer support without sacrificing growth because you can use this knowledge base content across channels to provide answers to your customers and be used as informative content to help attract more people to your business.”

Automate Workflows

Automated workflows are an excellent way to scale customer support. Rather than scribbled notes, verbal hand-offs, or email chains, workflow automation can process a help ticket from first contact to resolution. You can lean on software to prioritize calls, assign staffers based on call criteria, and even track the needs of customers over time.

Workflow automation can help you to streamline your operation. Because less time will be spent organizing tasks or tickets, that time can be spent on serving your customers.

The good news is that this can be handled simply by picking the right software. A tool like Wavity can help you customize your software to meet your particular needs.

Simplify with RPA

You know those tasks that everyone hates? The really repetitive tasks like compiling customer emails for a mass newsletter? They can be handled with robots. Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, can handle a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Data entry
  • Thank you notes
  • Filling in customer data on service tickets
  • Invoice processing
  • Inventory management
  • …And more

The key here is that every task that a robot handles no longer needs to be completed by a person. This frees up your team to do more important things–like serve your customers. As we’ve said in our blog,

“Your help desk software should also help your team work smarter with artificial intelligence (AI) assistance. Done well, AI will help streamline operations by identifying where to focus your efforts or predictively offer solutions to customers, and identify customer sentiment.”

Prioritize Follow-Through

Train your team to operate in service of a happy customer, and tie your processes to that end. Prioritize the timely closure of service tickets, and track resolution time. Emphasize the importance of customer retention, and ensure that every call gets resolved.

The best way to scale your customer support is to back your team up with the best customer service software.

  • Give them a CRM that can track your customers over time.
  • Get them a platform that can measure their successes and help identify growth opportunities.
  • Help them communicate in a central place with excellent record-keeping.
  • And make all of this customizable to your business needs.

In other words, support your support staff, and keep your customers happy, with Wavity.

Looking for an effective help and service desk solution for your business? See how Wavity can help today!

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