Mobile Field Service Management

Wavity offers a number of solutions that can be used by your Field Services organizations. The video below depicts how the Field Services group can work collaboratively on a customer service request from start to finish. All Wavity solutions can be modified with zero coding to match your needs. Wavity's Mobile-First solutions obviate the need for  laptops and desktops. 



The biggest benefit to using Wavity’s Field Service Management Solutions is that all work can be done on a Mobile Device. Wavity’s offerings are also  the most cost effective solutions out there!

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Increased Customer Satisfaction

Improve First Time Fix Rates and SLAs.

Empowered Field Force

Get all the information that your technicians need to do their jobs instantaneously

Improved Scheduling and Dispatching

Reduce errors in Scheduling and Dispatch thereby improving Technician Utilization.

Engaged Customers

Turn Customers into Partners by involving the customer in every stage of the service

Built to Serve any Firm

Existing productivity solutions are either too restrictive or too complex. Wavity was designed to offer the perfect balance of adaptability and simplicity, with tools that can be tailored to the needs of your organization.


Wavity’s AppHub offers a selection of ready-to-use apps for the most common organizational needs.
Apps can be deployed with the click of a button, or customized with our zero-code App Designer.
You can even use the App Designer to create new apps entirely from scratch, perfectly tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

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