Solutions are the backbone of the Wavity Platform. Find, Adapt or Create a Solution for all your unique business processes.


The Warehouse is the repository of all ready-to-use Solution Templates.

Browse solutions by industry or function to discover the ones that best match your business needs.

You can easily change them with the drag-and-drop Application Designer and tailor them to your business processes.

App Designer

Use the App Designer to tweak or radically change Application Templates to suit your needs.

Want to build an application from scratch? Not a problem!

A truly zero-code, drag-and-drop interface allows even non-technical users to create new solutions that match their unique business processes.


Create and Manage Projects. From simple projects where a single task is assigned to a single person to Complex Projects that involve hundreds of tasks assigned to dozens of people.

Want to build an application from scratch? Not a problem!

Collaboration doesn’t work without communication, so every message stays associated with its task, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

See the entirety of your operation at a glance, with the real-time Stream, incorporating tasks, messages, and solutions. Personalized and contextual views allow multiple perspectives into your workplace.


You already have systems in place that work for you. Wavity allows you to integrate your third-party tools so everything you need to get work done is in one place and in sync.

Consult and update your existing calendars without leaving Wavity. Extend them to Wavity Spaces and Groups.

Access your cloud storage services from a single interface, for easy file-sharing and management, and an easy to use company intranet.


Analytics help you keep an eye on business metrics that are important to you so that issues do not become problems.

Wavity lets you define and track what is important to you. Learn what is working and what can be improved. Quite simply, Wavity’s analytics help you work smarter.

Mobile App

Work does not happen only when you are at your desk. With Wavity’s Mobile-First approach all functionality that is available to a user at a desk is available to a user on a Mobile device as well. Moreover, all solutions are available from within a single Mobile App so users never have to think about which Mobile App they need to use.

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