Hello world!

Mar 28, 2018 by Satish Akki 3 minutes read

Welcome to Wavity’s blogs. This is the first blog from Wavity; a Cloud Platform where you can run all – or as much as you choose – of your business in the Cloud.

A brief introduction about Wavity, the company, before we get into what Wavity offers. Wavity is a self funded startup based in San Jose, CA which was founded in 2016. Being self funded has had it’s positives and downside. The positives have mostly centered on the fact that we have had room to breathe and develop our platform offering without the pressures that come with funding. The downside has been that things have not progressed as fast as we would have liked because we were constrained in how much and where we could spend. Regardless of how we got here, we find ourselves in a good place today.

Beta with the initial release

We have completed a successful Beta with the initial release of our product and have gotten some very good feedback from our Beta program. Some Beta customers have converted to paying customers and we are now seeing some modest revenue trickling in. We have incorporated much of the feedback from our Beta users and are now launching our product along with a shiny, new website! We are excited to begin our journey into the brave and not-so-new cloud world. We hope that many of you will join us in this journey.

Wavity was founded with a few cores beliefs

We believe:

1. Cloud Native applications are important and will become increasingly important going forward.

2. The days of building Applications from scratch are over. If you have to build something from scratch, it should not require a CS degree. A business user should be able to build applications that the business needs – and quickly!

3. SaaS (Software as a Service) Applications should be configurable/customizable quickly and at low cost as the business needs change

4. Communication and Collaboration should be baked into every Application in a logical manner that supports the business process that the Application is being used for. Communications and Collaboration should not be bolted on as an afetrthoght to an Application.

5. In the course of doing your work, you should not have to use 3-4 (or more) apps on your mobile device.

6. The more of your business you run on a Cloud Native Platform, the less siloed your data will be and you will have more visibility into your business

A word about the technology that is being used in the Wavity platform. Being a platform for Cloud Native applications, the Wavity platform has been architected from the ground up to use the latest design principles. Containers, Micro Service APIs, CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) are all integral to everything we do. More about the technology in a later blog post. We run on AWS and leverage all the security that is offered by Amazon. In addition, many of the folks who work work at Wavity have a security background and have built added security at the Application level on top of what Amazon offers at the infrastructure level.

So why should you use Wavity and the Wavity platform? Quite simply because it is a platform on which your business can grow in the years ahead. A flexible, cost effective platform for the Digital Transformation that is already underway. At Wavity we are excited about how we can help businesses get ready for the new era to come.