Digital Transformation – One Process at a time

Mar 30, 2018 by Satish Akki 2 minutes read

There has been a lot written about Digital Transformation that is already underway. What has been abundantly clear is that Digital Transformation is much more than a simple tools and technology play. Lessons learned over the past five years indicate that there needs to be:

1. Organizational Commitment

2. Culture Change

3. Change Management

In place before any tools/applications/systems can be put in place. If your organization is embarking on Digital Transformation initiatives without these In place, you might as well stop reading this blog now because any initiative for Digital Transformation you undertake is bound to fail. If however, you have been lucky enough to have them in place, the question then becomes how do you go about implementing Digital Transformation? Trying to transform an entire organization – especially a large one – to a Digital Enterprise is also something that is bound to fail. So how then does a company go about becoming a Digital Enterprise. The simple answer is one process at a time.

Pick a process that will help your company drive business benefits – be that increasing customer satisfaction, reducing product defects, expanding to new markets or whatever else is a priority for your organization. Engage everyone who will play a role in the process and rapidly prototype applications and tools to support the process. Make changes to the process and applications as you fine tune things and before you know it you have the applications, tools and processes to help achieve the business benefits. Rinse and repeat until every process in your organization is a process driven and digitally driven and the Digital Enterprise journey will be well underway!

If you are a small or medium business, you actually have a leg up on the larger companies simply because you do not have a ton of legacy applications and tools (except for maybe PC tools and a few disparate point solutions) and can actually start out as a Digital Enterprise.

Thanks for reading and may all your processes be Digitally Enabled!